Sandra and Johann Senekal

Johann and I would like to thank you for the truly splendid job you did in arranging a wonderful and memorable holiday to a truly beautiful country. Your arrangements surpassed our expectations as did the beautiful Croatia! As you so passionately indicated…. “Until you have actually been there you cannot begin to imagine its beauty or any of its unique qualities”.

Thanks again for all your input, guidance and hard work to make our visit a totally unforgettable experience.

We sincerely look forward to visiting Croatia again and will be in touch!

Sandra and Johann SenekalPietermaritzburg
Yvonne Wildenboer

Just to thank you for your arrangements for our wonderful, wonderful trip to Croatia in June/July 2014.

Croatian Rhapsody was a brilliant tour and we can recommend it wholeheartedly!! Roux and I enjoyed every moment of every day. The guide was beyond excellent, the hotel and travel arrangements great and off course Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries we have had the privilege to visit. Beautiful beyond description and so clean!! I am enclosing a photo of our tour group below the big waterfall in the Plitvice Lake National Park – which was breathtaking and an absolute MUST if you visit Croatia. I really can not mention highlights, as every experience, every little town (or big city) was a highlight.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and assistance in making this possible.

Yvonne WildenboerJohannesburg
Marlene and Louis

We were blessed to be assisted and guided by Cornell. Her expert help was phenomenal!!!

This lady runs the extra mile (forget about walking!!!) From the minute you meet her and give her your wish list she puts it in to action!!!

My husband and I had a wonderful 4 weeks, where we did many of the coastal towns on a self-drive followed by a 7 day Island Hopping cruise. We were lucky enough to include Istria (the Tuscany of Croatia during the festival season) in our travels, as well as, the Amazing Plitvice Lakes (which can NEVER be forgotten!!!) which are not to be missed. From the outset, I think my husband didn’t want to go and did so please me, but oh boy has he changed his mind. He is still raving!!! Thank you Cornell. You sure delivered all you promised AND more, your itinerary was more like a little black book, forget about buying a guide book……… Cornell is all you need!

Marlene and LouisDunkeld

Sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner….but work has been crazy since we got back.
I shall put you out of your misery and declare that we had a WONDERFUL time in Croatia.
As you had told us, the country is most beautiful and inviting!!!

Our ‘hosts’ were responsive and very helpful and our accommodation/car rental/itinerary plan etc was superb.
Dubrovnik was expensive compared to everywhere else and with all the cruise boats that stop there in the season daily it was packed with tourists. I would say, two nights in the Dubrovnik area would suffice for most people.
As for the rest ??????? ……………..bloody amazing and unforgettable.
We should have a coffee as soon as possible and I’ll elaborate and show you some photos

We really had a fantastic time…………………many thanks !!!!!!!

MBNorthcliff Johannesburg
Conny and all the other Jolly Ladies!!

We are now all back and very happy!!  We had a fantastic time and found Croatia easy to travel, timing was perfect as it was not overcrowded and the weather was great despite the fact that it had rained out the summer this year! It really is a dream destination – yes….we know you know that as it was very clear in our discussions how passionate you are about Croatia….but until you have experienced it…it doesn’t really sink in.

Thank you for all your advice, research, bookings and many recommendations.  It was very sensible to stay in one place for a little longer than travelling every day and we really enjoyed the cities we stayed at.  We took note of the places of interest you highlighted and so did the Krka National Park, Island Cruise from Split, Shuttle tour of Korcula, sea Kayaking and the  bus drive from Dubrovnik to split via Ston.  It really was super.  The ferry from Korcula to Dubrovnik was also pleasant and easy to do.  The only unfortunate incident was that the Plivice Lakes were flooded due to high rainfall interior and we decided not to take the long trip and then be disappointed.  We were however glad to be informed by your operator in advance.

Emil our host in Split was very friendly, fluent in English and well organised and could give a lot of information on what to see and do.  Most helpful.   The house is beautiful and the view with the terrace was awesome!

We walked to central town and back every day!! Good half hour steady pace!!

The setting of Dalibor`s house is in Korcula was beautiful too:  the terrace right on the water`s edge.  He was very helpful and awaiting our arrival at the harbour and the price we paid, compared to Dubrovnik, was fair!!

The 400 stairs in Dubrovnik was not exaggerated!!  From the centre of Old town it is even another 100.  So we took on the challenge every day and had a lot of laughs doing so.  Dubrovnik really is a very neat town with a lot to do, a little more expensive, being the main tourist attraction of course.

We really enjoyed the walk on the old wall and some fine little restaurants!!  The house with spectacular view is very neat and modern and the washing machine was very welcome!!

We would love to visit Croatia again sometime!!!.  The tourism seems to be picking up by 10- 15 % per annum!! The Croatians need to still adapt a little to the increase of tourism,  as when you first meet them, they seem to be very shy and almost unfriendly –  until they warm up – then they cannot do enough for you!

Thanks for your all you input and assistance to making this a truly memorable trip.

Conny and all the other Jolly Ladies!!Windhoek Namibia
Dr Vikash Makan

Cornell Cross at Discover Croatia planned an absolutely amazing and unforgettable trip for a friend and I this summer of 2014. It was a trip that far surpassed all expectations of Croatia. It truly is one of the most breath taking and picturesque destinations I have ever been to… With the warmest and kindest locals I have come to meet. The food was good throughout, locations spectacular and rich in culture and the local women simply beautiful. Oh and need I not forget the most stunning beaches and turquoise waters imaginable. It was the perfect destination for the hosting of Ultra Europe which can only be described as the party of all parties as us youngsters from all corners of the globe united together under one roof to embrace the latest tunes of the best electro house DJ’s around. I will definitely be going back soon! Thank you Cornell.

Dr Vikash Makan
Andre and Charmaine

We cannot thank you enough for your all your help on planning this trip.

The booklets with all the vouchers were fantastic as we just peeled off the voucher required as we went along, handing the booking slip to the institution concerned.

The itinerary was most helpful with all the contact names, telephone numbers and addresses of places we had to be. It could not have been made any easier for us.

It was absolutely fantastic when we got to the airport in Zagreb to find a man with a board with our name on it! It was great not to have to look for a way to get to the brilliant Hotel Dubrovnik which was centrally situated in the city.

Getting our rental car which you had organised for us went without a hitch and we were pleasantly surprised to find a brand new car waiting for us.
The drive to the Plitvice National Park was easy enough as the roads are well marked. We were pleased about our accommodation, “Ethno Houses Plitvice Selo”, being so close to the Plitvice National Park. You were right, the Park was a worthwhile stop and so worth seeing.

The walkways through the waterways and forests were amazing as were some of the waterfalls. The Park is a waterworld of great beauty.
Ana was fantastic when we got to Split! I am so glad you had her there to meet us to take us to our lovely apartment. She is an absolute gem and a tribute to your company.

It was really exciting locating our boat in Split! Once we got underway, we were enamoured with the scenery; all that blue water and islands popping up everywhere….just stunning.

Whether we were sitting around chatting to fellow passengers or dozing in a deck chair, it was fantastic. The boat stopped at various harbours over the next 7 days where everyone, including us, went ashore and did all the touristy things. It was great when the boat stopped somewhere random and we were all told that swimming in the cool water was an option. It was exhilarating.

A highlight was Dubrovnik’s old walled city which is just beautiful beyond words.

We made some wonderful friends on board the boat. The crew were fantastic. “Katarina Cruise Lines” are awesome! Meandering through the sea was a holiday beyond comparison and one that we highly recommend; its a trip we would do again in a heartbeat.
We feel that everything went so smoothly due to the assistance we had from you, Cornell, as we had not one single hitch throughout our entire time in Croatia. This was all due to your extensive knowledge of the country and the arrangement you have with people in Croatia who were there to assist us along the way.

We truly appreciate all you did for us as you made our holiday thoroughly enjoyable and totally memorable!

Andre and CharmaineJohannesburg
Roxanne Reddy

I would like to thank you for all your hard work in putting together our Parts Managers Dealer Incentive Trip to Croatia. Your tireless effort to accommodate all our requests and protocols and ” your never say die” attitude as well as your 24/7 support from the planning stage – during our trip and even after our return was greatly appreciated. The team had a wonderful time and the venues that we were booked into where of a very high standard. We are delighted to have worked with you on this project and look forward to doing so again in the future.

Croatia is sooo beautiful, thank you for convincing us to select this destination!!! Not even your passionate and effusive description of the splendor and beauty of the various destinations came close to the real thing!

Croatia surpassed all and every one of our expectations!

The boat cruise was amazing and the crew were equally awesome. The islands visited are truly storybook material. I wish I could visit there soon again.

I have attached a few pictures below of the places visited.

Roxanne ReddySales Area Manager Chrysler and Fiat Group South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Deb, Greg, Sinead and Kelly Roberts

As you know my husband and I and two teenage daughters, have recently returned from our month long trip overseas and now, having returned to earth from the absolute bliss of our holiday, I wanted to take an opportunity of writing to you and thanking you and the Discover Croatia Team for what we both believe will be a holiday that will stay with us forever!!!

You seamlessly arranged a trip including flights, accommodation, train trips and Heaven knows what else that went without a hitch and not once gave us a moment of concern, through Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Paris and Zurich. I cannot tell you the peace of mind that you gave us when we knew that we could concentrate on the finer joyous parts of our holiday completely assured that the “admin” had been taken care of by you.
It is particularly pertinent to mention that the accommodation sourced for us, in Amsterdam, London and Paris, on a limited budget exceeded our expectations and was outstanding – the hosts friendly, the locations ideal and the accommodation surprisingly delightful.

If you could do this for us throughout Europe, we cannot wait to experience what you have to offer for our next trip – to Croatia!!!

Thank you so much, I cannot sing your praises loud enough!!!

Deb, Greg, Sinead and Kelly Roberts

Do you want to book your own amazing Croatian adventure. Get in touch with us so we can start making your travel dreams a reality.

John and Sonya

Amazing! We ‘Discover’ a Travel Agency that lives up to its name.

Listen, we’re fairly seasoned travellers. We’re also picky, creative types and not billionaires. Not even close. And we’ve just returned from a trip to Croatia that took our breath(s) away. Because we were promised that we would see Croatia like no other tourists (ok, excluding smelly backpackers) and we did.

I mean, Croatia has been on the map for about 10 years – touristically speaking – so my first expectation was Jaded Tourists, Operators & Spoilt, Organised Touristy sights. Not on the tour that the Discover Croatia team in South Africa designed for us. In addition, they also organised a motorbike for us from a slick

Zagreb operation called Rentachopper (www.rentachopper.hr), who punctually delivered the bike and helmets to us – 4 hours away – in Split. We then travelled along the Dalmatian coast in glorious weather, from island to island to mainland. Definitely something to put on your bucket list!
But what did we actually ‘Do’? Well understand this, Discover Croatia S.A. is made up of a seriously experienced Boutique South African Travel Agent and her partner – who is a seriously experienced Croatian Travel Agent, now living in S.A. Great combo. As a result we were afforded the privilege of seeing some of the most beautiful, hidden and undiscovered places, that this beautiful country has to offer: Orebic , Peljesac, Korcula, the amazing Bacinska fresh water lakes, hidden beach coves, historic towns, and many more.

Cornell & Jelena (Discover Croatia as you may have guessed) suggested we go for private self-catering apartment style accommodation and we strongly recommend this option to anyone visiting Croatia. It’s an extremely affordable way to experience authentic Croatia, without compromising everything that a 4 star hotel would offer. So our accommodation varied from a pristine restored room inside the antiquated old Diocletian Palace in Split – with aircon, slightly dodgy wi-fi, a kettle and bathroom en suite – 30 seconds from the main square in the Palace – to Mama & Papa’s renovated 4 split level home in the Old City on Hvar Island with a breathtaking view. And speaking of authentic, these ‘apartments’ are family businesses, so on arriving from the ferry on our bike at Hvar Bus Station, we were meant by Mama, who couldn’t speak a syllable of English but was as strong as an ox and as we later discovered – a whole lot of fun. After wresting my bags from me, she marched us up the cobbled streets of the old city into her home and our room on the 3rd level. She then marched us down to the family kitchen, planted us on our chairs, and beaming at us, bellowed the only English word she knows ‘Liquor?!’ It was 10 in the morning, we were in an Eastern European medieval city and we wanted the full experience. So we acquiesced. A number of times. Deliciously smooth brandies and liquors, chased with ice cold water.

Our actual itinerary and trip could fill a novel, so we are in the process of making a video to post on this site for you. Simply because we so loved the people, the food and the unspoilt authentic Europe experience throughout the real Croatia. We look forward to planning our next adventure to Croatia with the Discover Croatia team. Maybe this time we’ll hire a live-aboard boat and bring our brood of four strapping sons (and their attached girlfriends) with us…

Thank you so much Cornell and Jelena for all your hard work, excellent advice, attention to detail to our specific needs and all in all making this dream come true for us!

John and Sonya